Emo Motocross Memberships

Memberships are $50 per person, Family plan is $50 for the first person then $25 for each additional rider under the age of 19.

Practice is $10 per practice with a membership and $20 per practice without a membership until you have shown up 5 times then we consider your membership paid and practice will cost you only $10.

SDR Memberships and Race Info

AMO Membership fees are: $100 for individual or $160 for family up to 3 members. Race Entries are still $25 per class

Superior Dirt Riders (SDR) is a motocross and ATV racing club in Northwestern Ontario. We work with three local race tracks and Amateur Motocross Ontario (AMO Motocross) to run a 6 event motocross and ATV race series in Kakabeka (KBMX), Atikokan (AMX) & Emo (EMX), Ontario.
Amateur Motocross Ontario is new as of 2016 and has the vision to ensure the best value to the customers.

AMO is responsible for setting, implementing, maintaining and developing standards for rules of competition, officiating, organization and promotion of events. AMO will seek to cultivate promotional opportunities, which are intended to be to the benefit of the overall membership.
SDR works with AMO to promote Motocross and ATV racing in Ontario. We follow the rules that AMO has set out in their amateur rule book. Please familiarize yourself with the rules that AMO has set out.

Racing Requirements:

To race an SDR event you must…

Purchase of AMO Membership:
Membership fees are: $100 for individual or $160 for family up to 3 members

We do run a 50cc first time rider incentive. This incentive has been put in place to help encourage new young riders to come out and give it a try. Here are the details for that…
For your first 50cc race (either bike or ATV) we waive the cost of the AMO membership and the 1st race entry cost. If you decide that you like the sport and want to come back and race again, you will have to purchase an AMO membership of $100 and pay the $25 race entry per class.

Race Entries are still $25 per class

Under ABSOLUTELY no circumstances will anyone be racing without proper membership

All waivers must be signed. There is a waiver on the back of each race entry for that you must sign. If you are under the age of 18 a parent or legal guardian must sign it as well as yourself

Race Classes
AMO offers many different race classes. SDR is a small club and we cannot possibly run them all. Here is a list of the classes that we offer on our race entry forms and a description

50cc SR - age 4-8 - Seasoned racers, 0-50cc 2-stroke/0-73cc 4-stroke

50cc JR - age 4-8 - new racers, 0-50cc 2-stroke/0-73cc 4-stroke

65 cc Pee Wee - age 7-11 - 60cc - 65cc 2-stroke/0 - 110cc 4-stroke

85 cc 7 to 11 - age 7-11 - 60cc-85cc 2-stroke/60cc-100cc 4-stroke

85cc 12 to 16 - age 12-16 - 85cc 2-stroke/100cc-150cc 4-stroke

SUPER MINI -open to all 85cc competitors providing their machines adhere to their respective requirements. 85cc-112cc 2-stroke/100cc-150cc4 stroke - maximum wheel size 19” front/ 16” rear wheel

SCHOOLBOY - age 12-16 - 85cc-153cc 2-stroke/150cc-250cc 4-stroke minimum - wheel size 19” front / 16” rear wheel.

125cc 2-stroke/250cc 4 stroke - minimum 12 years
250cc 2-stroke/450cc 4 stroke minimum 14 years

MX3 classes are open to 100cc motorcycles and larger - 100cc - 550cc 2-stroke/100cc - 650cc 4-stroke
MX3 BEGINNER - the classification preceding “junior” - minimum age is 12 years
MX3 JUNIOR - the classification preceding “intermediate” - minimum age is 12 years
MX3 INTERMEDIATE - the classification preceding “professional” - minimum age is 14 years. Riders 15 years of age as of January 1st of the current year have the option to remain as Intermediate
MX3 PRO/AM - minimum age is 14 - open to all intermediate and pro ranked riders. Upgrade points do not affect Intermediate status

YOUTH - age 14-24
LADIES - minimum 65cc 2-stroke/100cc 4-stroke

VET 30-39
VET 40+

For requirements of ATV classes see CMRC rule book

Please Note: if we have any less than 3 entries in a race class SDR may not run that class, or me may choose to have a gate drop at the same time as another race classes provided all entries in both classes agree and there is no conflict with riders being in both classes. If we choose to not run the class you signed up for we will give you the opportunity to enter a different class or to get a refund for that entry.

Trophies, Awards & Payouts

We are running a six race series. If you want to qualify for year-end awards you must run 4 out of the 6 events
The points that are accumulate for each motto at each event are how we give our year end awards.
POINTS SYSTEM: Points awarded per moto are 25 points for first, 22 points for second, 20 points for third etc. (see schedule below). The rider accumulating the most points after both motos is the overall class winner. In case of a tie, the winner is the rider with the better finishing position in the final moto. Points per moto will be based on the following point schedule. 1st 25 points,2nd- 22,3rd- 20, 4th- 18, 5th- 16, 6th -15, 7th- 14, 8th- 13, 9th- 12, 10th- 11, 11th- 10, 12th- 9, 13th- 8, 14th- 7, 15th- 6, 16th- 5, 17th -4, 18th- 3 19th- 2, 20th 1
Classes that receive trophy’s at each event will be… All 50cc classes (bike and ATV), 65cc Pee Wee and 85cc 7-11
Pro/Am is a cash payout based on the number of entries in the class. 100% of Pro/Am registration goes to the payout. We have copies of the payout chart in the registration office.
All other race classes work on the gift card pay out. A record is kept through the season and gift cards are purchased at the end of the season and given out at the yearend awards banquet
All race day awards are given out according to how many entries there are in that race class. It works like this... 1-2 entries prize is only awarded to first place; 3-5 entries and we award 1st and 2nd place; 6-9 entries and we award 1st, 2nd & 3rd place; 10-12 entries we award up to 4th; 13-15 we award to 5th; 16-18 we award to 6th; 19-20 we award to 7th place. This system works for Trophy classes, cash payout classes and gift card classes
Gift card payouts are $25 for 1st place, $20 for 2nd place $15 for 3rd place and $10 for any place after that.


Please note that the AMO rule book is where our rules come from. Please get to know this rule book so as you do not run into the situation of being protested against for something you did not know. It is your responsibility to know. The “amateur” rule book is available on the AMO website.

AMX and EMX also have a list of their track rules. It is your responsibility to know the track rules as the track owners/ operators have the right to remove you from their property. This can be seen on their websites.

It is your responsibility to respect the property, the workers and everyone involved in making the race day possible.

Have fun and ride responsibly,
Superior Dirt Riders

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